Area Attractions

Our Hancock Area Attractions just got too numerous for a single web page, so we have added the Activity Menu (see it up there in the right hand corner). Just click on the Menu, and scroll down to select the activities and attractions that are of the greatest interest to you.

To limit the listings somewhat, we have included activities that are within 40 miles of Hancock, or less than an hour's journey by car. And yes, we know that we've probably missed some. If you have suggestions for additions to these Activity Menu pages, please send us an e-mail and we will see if we can't get them added.

Now, journey on and see what you can do in and around Hancock, Maryland!

Bicycling and Hiking
Boating and Canoeing
Camping and Picnicing
C&O Canal TowPath
Fishing and Hunting
Historic Sites
Horseback Riding
Just for Kids
Winter Sports

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